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We are a manufacturer and exporter of machine-made carpets and rugs. We specialize in vintage-classic and modern designs and have competitive price points for our wholesalers. 

Carpets & Rugs

Parin Ariaei Textile Company was established in 2016, benefiting from years of experience of the company's managers in the field of machine-made carpets, and was put into operation in the same year. With the ongoing efforts of the managers and employees of the company, the development and expansion of the production units of this company has continued ever since.
Now this company operates under the brand name SIZAN in an area of 5 hectares with a total of 5000 square meters of production hall, providing services to customers, and exports its products. With full belief in the capability of its employees, benefiting from state-of-the-art technology and the experimental and scientific support of its managers, Parin Ariaei Textile Company (SIZAN Carpet) is proud to have its products exported to more than 18 countries including Russia, China, Germany, and Canada.

This complex has an annual production capacity of more than 500, 000 square meters of machine-made carpets with experienced staff in design, production, and finishing units. The weaving technology of machine-made carpets in Sizan Carpet Company is one of the reasons for the quality of the products manufactured in this company. With an understanding of various styles our customers desire, our company has endeavored to enrich the machine-made carpet industry. It should be noted that this unit is producing a variety of modern carpets made of the highest quality raw materials, all offered under Sizan Carpet label in national and international market.

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