Biofuel - fuel from plant or animal raw materials, from the vital products of organisms or organic industrial waste.
There are liquid biofuels (for internal combustion engines, for example, ethanol, methanol, biodiesel), solid biofuels (firewood, briquettes, fuel pellets, wood chips, straw, husks) and gaseous (synthesis gas, biogas, hydrogen).

The main form of biofuel in the electric power industry is pellets produced from wood.

Biofuels are divided into solid, liquid and gaseous. Solid fuel is the traditional firewood (often in the form of wood waste) and fuel pellets (pressed small remnants of woodworking).

Liquid fuels are alcohols (methanol, ethanol, butanol), esters, biodiesel and biomazut.

Gaseous fuels are various gas mixtures with carbon monoxide, methane, hydrogen obtained by thermal decomposition of raw materials in the presence of oxygen (gasification), without oxygen (pyrolysis) or by fermentation under the influence of bacteria.

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