Intense Enterprise cooperates with an established network of logistics companies that are fully automated and make it possible to deliver the product on time, verified by the quality of their work and diversification of their services.

  • Self collection is a method of collecting an order from an online shop, where the customer picks up the goods directly at the online shop's office, warehouse or designated pick-up point.
  • Free delivery is available for some types of products and regions that are located in the immediate vicinity of the production site.
  • Fixed cost of delivery
    This delivery method has virtually the same advantages as free shipping.
    The customer knows exactly how much he has to pay for delivery and doesn't have to understand the delivery terms.

  • Delivery based on weight and distance
    It is often necessary to include delivery criteria based on weight and distance to the point of delivery.

  • Delivery according to the value of the order
    This delivery method means that the delivery price will depend on the product the buyer has purchased from the e-shop. This type of shipping will adjust adjust adjusting delivery costs according to the product or service you have ordered.

  • Delivery based on the shipping cost of each item
    This method of delivery is useful if you want to add a criterion of delivery cost to the delivery of goods depending on the cost of delivery of each item.

  • Delivery depending on the number of items
    This delivery method is also a marketing ploy to encourage customers to buy as many products as possible, since the number of items in the order directly affects the delivery costs.

  • International delivery
        For international deliveries, terms and conditions are negotiated directly between buyer and seller 


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